Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fatima: Then and Now

It's March, and I recently remembered that Fatima came to us in March 2009. I can't remember if I've shown her before/after photos here.

Here is Fatima during those first days of complete incapacitation. She didn't have much hope for herself, but we did. By December of 2009, I was giving her 'orders' to make herself walk from her bedroom downstairs to the sewing room upstairs. That would take her nearly an hour. Eventually the tough love really paid off.

Here she is sometime in the first part of 2010, attending an individual literacy class--upstairs.

Here she is in February 2011, enjoying an orange.

And this photo was taken just last week. She has more than doubled her weight since we first met her. She used to walk with her body bent at a nearly 90 degree angle. Now she has just a very slight limp. I love the transformation we have seen in her.

Fatima no longer lives at Bezer Home; she has moved closer to her family. She still attends Monday fellowship and a sewing class during the week at Bezer Home.
When Bezer Home first started, we thought we were going to be doing hospice care. We are delighted that that has rarely been the case; rather our residents usually rise up and walk!