Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stress Relief

Now that my office is clean and organized, I feel like I can think once again, and consequently start blogging again. Life got pretty chaotic for awhile.

I see that my last post was about the February bombing in Jos. Well, since then, we have also had a March bombing and a June bombing, as well as numerous other security issues.

Today I attended a women's gathering and one of the things we talked about was how to manage our stress levels. Here are a few I jotted down:

--Take a weekly Sabbath rest (24 hours of no work and nothing stressful).
--Exercise (walking, zumba).
--Practice self-care.
--Get a pedicure in your home. One woman suggested a pedicure party. Bring your own bucket for soaking your feet and then give each other pedicures.
--Get a massage.
--Find a Bible verse as a reminder of God's promises. Post it everywhere.
--Ask God to help you see beauty in your surroundings today.
--Introduce play into your life and work. This will make you more productive in your work.
--Play non-competitive games.
--Have your personal devotion time.
--Read a good book
--Watch some slapstick comedy.
--Spend time talking to your spouse.
--Spend time talking to a friend.

Well, I'm off to make supper for my family, and then later tonight I'll read aloud from Cheaper by the Dozen. It's been raining/drizzling all day long so it will be nice to have a cozy evening together--all we need now is a fireplace!