Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Orphan Boys

We have continued to get to know our new family of orphan boys.  They spend a lot of time at Bezer Home as their own home is just a short distance from us.

The other day I saw the 10-year-old engaged in full-face, open-mouth laughter. What an incredible sight! In the few months I have known him, he has progressed from a blank, vacant stare to flickers of smiles and now even bold laughter. It's amazing what food and love can do.

Two of the older sisters are now enrolled in our sewing program. It's great to see their determination to work hard and earn money.

In addition to what the sisters are earning, we have been giving them some food items as well as a little weekly cash to buy more food items. We have found that it's a real balancing act when helping someone and trying not to create dependency.