Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bombing in Jos

On Sunday morning, Feb 26, I was awoken from a deep slumber by a loud noise and a clattering on the roof. I thought a tree branch had fallen on our tin roof. Bayo went outside and started searching for what had caused the noise. Soon I heard him talking to our neighbor and realized it was much larger than an isolated incident on our compound. Bayo started making phone calls all over town and within minutes learned that a bomb had gone off at COCIN Headquarters Church, about one mile from our home.
I quickly texted one of my friends who often attends that church: "Any news about the blast?"

When I didn't get an immediate response from her, I had a feeling that she was probably there. Sure enough, I later got a text from her: "We were there, but we are home now and ok."

They were actually eye-witnesses on the scene. Her husband saw a car forcing its way through the church compound gate and pushing a motorcyclist to one side in the process. Being alert to danger, he instictively knew it was a suicide bomber. He immediately started shouting for people to RUN. His quick eye and voice no doubt saved many lives in the 5-10 second interval.

There are many news accounts on the internet so I won't go into further details here. Amazingly only a few people were killed from the huge blast. The sound appears to have travelled to at least a 2 mile radius.

On Monday morning, it was business as usual--at least on the outside. People are taking time to talk through their emotions as the trials of Jos once again weigh heavy upon us.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Foundations Academy

In December we received a gift of t-shirts for all of our school children. Here they are, proudly displaying their colors.

Art class, taught by missionary Alycia Abts, is the highlight of the week for many of our students. They love to work with colors. I'm always a bit surprised at how quiet the art class is. I think the children just truly love having materials before them and expressing themselves creatively.

We encourage our lefties!

 Thinking about color and design.