Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Way to a Man's Heart--Guacamole!

Well, at least to my African man's heart. Bayo loves to come home from work to find fresh guacamole in the fridge. He eats it with cheese crackers, wheat crackers or pita bread.

I've never been a fan of avocados, but I've learned to buy them because Bayo and Lily enjoy them so much. I think the season will end pretty soon so I'm trying to buy them often.  I don't know of any way to preserve them. They are quite cheap right now. I paid 50 naira for each of these--about $0.35. Avocados are called pears here.

My mom was amazed at how large the seed was in this variety. I've never bought avocados in the U.S. so I wouldn't really know.

Lily loves to help me make guacamole. The pastry blender works well for mashing up the avocados.

We added some chopped up onions.

We added just half of this jalepeno, along with some salt and coriander. I couldn't find any cilantro in the market at this time of year.

Voila! The nutritious snack is ready.

I'll be making a big batch of guacamole for our staff meeting on Monday. In general, most Nigerians love avocados. I have shared guacamole with a few of my friends, and they are just crazy about it! They ate it with bread and thoroughly enjoyed a new-found snack from local ingredients.


UcheSarah said...

Uche loves guacamole too! I used to make it 3-4 times a week when we were there. I'm a California girl, so I love them, and I was so excited to see them there for so cheap. Seriously, cheap avocados is on my top ten list of things I like about Nigeria.

Jannine Ebenso said...

Amen to that! I was gorried to see how much they cost here in the UK. They grew in my garden in Akwa Ibom so I got them for free! (Along with pineapple, pappaw, banana, plantain, oranges, lemons, guave, mangoes, yams, beans, maize - oh how spoiled I was!