Thursday, February 7, 2013

It Can Be Cold in Africa!

When I first came to Nigeria, I thought it was always going to be hot. I didn't even bring a sweater or socks. Big mistake!

Since Jos is located on a plateau with an elevation of 4000 ft, it does get fairly chilly here at certain times of the year.  We can have a cold period anytime December thru February. About a week ago we experienced a cold snap with temps reaching about 55 F in the night. Here's a picture of our 2nd grade teacher, dressed for work, during the cold period.

We generally have temperatures in the 70s during the heavy rains in July and August. My parents spent last July with us and reveled in the perfect weather while their friends sweltered in the Midwest.

Most of the rest of the year is fairly hot, but not unbearably so--probably about 80 F.

When colleagues complain about how cold it is in Jos, I enjoy telling a few Minnesota stories. I think I'll share this photo with them. Now that's cold!

This is how cold it was in Ely the other morning...Layne Kennedy ( took this photo of hot water tossed into the air and turning into instant ice crystals. He's calling it "Cold Remedy."

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