Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm just coming off of four days of rest (the weekend plus two public holidays). Wow. That was incredible. I deliberately didn't do any work. I even got to sleep in til 8 a.m. most of the mornings. That was a real treat as the sun usually wakes me up around 6 a.m.

I took time to read to the kids, play a board game, and make fudge. I also cleaned up a few areas around the house. It was so good to de-compress a bit. When did life get so overwhelmingly busy?

I also enjoyed the very definite shift in seasons that I felt today. The dry season has come--and it has made me very happy. The dry season has a lot more sunshine and heat--at least for a month or two before the cold harmattan winds will blow in. I can't say that I enjoy one season more than another; I think it is simply the change that is so important to me.

Rest is good because of the perspective it gives on the work that needs to be done. And so, I now approach tomorrow with a readiness that comes from deliberate rest.

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