Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After the Fall

This evening I heard a loud crash in the family room and children crying. I knew immediately what had happened. I dashed into the room, prepared for a horrible sight. David, 5, and Lily, 3, were on the floor with all kinds of cards and board games scattered around them and a tall bookshelf on top of them.

To my amazement, Lily was not hurt at all, and David only suffered a bruise on his lips and a little blood in his mouth.
I just brought that bookshelf into the house recently. The first day I had it in the house, I knew that we needed to nail it into the wall...but that was a few weeks ago. We just finished arranging the games on the shelves yesterday. I had forgotten that a child would logically think of climbing the shelves to get something out of reach.

In fact, I'm sure I contributed to the problem because the boys have a bookshelf in their bedroom that they are supposed to climb in order to reach their platform where they play with legos. It never crossed David's mind not to climb the game shelves.

Bayo immediately found some concrete nails and secured the shelves to the wall. I think this is a good reminder for us to walk through the house and see if we have any other safety hazards for children.
We thank God for protection and that the children were relatively unharmed.

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