Sunday, January 3, 2010

Water is Life

I never knew how precious water was until I moved to Nigeria.
The slogan on the water trucks says:
Water is Life.
I never knew that...until I experienced the scarcity of water.

We get city water about once every two weeks...or three weeks...or four weeks....there is no set timetable.

When it comes, it comes.

At the end of 2009, we didn't have much water at all. We haven't used our washing machine in weeks, but have handwashed clothes instead. Near the end, we were even doing bucket baths to conserve water.

On January 1, we decided we couldn't wait for city water any longer, so we hired a water tanker to come and fill our tanks.
What sweet relief.

When we came home from church today, city water was on --I guess we didn't need that tanker! We topped off our tanks, and pumped to the up-tank, and the city water just kept coming and coming. Usually it runs for a couple of hours and then stops--maybe even before the tanks have a chance to fill. Today it ran for at least 6+ hours.

Let me tell you, we enjoyed that water!

No, the water is not really that dirty, although it was kind of rusty looking. Just notice the dusty landscape that the kids tracked into the water.

My water tanks are full and my heart is full of gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Your facebook page is beautifully done.
We have -12 degrees this morning and we are very thankful for our furnace. Water is taken forgranted here - but the cold is the topic everywhere. Salt on icy roads etc. and wearing layers of clothes and Norwegian wool sweaters were seen on many at church yesterday.
And everyone is watching Viking football. Yah-they won yesterday.
God is good all the time,
Carol Bell

Sandi said...

We really do take our necessities for granted over here in the U.S. We're looking forward to experiencing life on the edge again!

Anonymous said...

Uche talks about the water issues a lot. Glad you got some :)