Saturday, March 20, 2010


In response to a few questions:

The harmattan (HAR-mah-TAHN) is dust that blows in from the Sahara Desert, which is north of us about 250 miles or so. I've never been to the Sahara, but I've seen it on my dining room table and bookshelves quite often during the dry season.

During periods of heavy harmattan, the temperature is quite cool--about 60-70 degrees.

Tobi said he had to dust off his pillow before he could sleep last night.

We built a campfire on our compound tonight. I told Tobi he should get a rag and clean off the plastic chairs. He responded, "It will be dark soon so it won't matter." I guess I'm reaching that point too. I'll clean off the kitchen surfaces, but I'm not going to stress about all the other surfaces.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Have you flown over the Sahara desert? That is one big place! I think it must be second only in size on earth to the oceans. I can understand why it would "get" to your location. I noticed plenty of dirt that must have blown around from somewhere in Uganda, but they aren't so close to the sahara. But the soil seems to make mud and dust easily.

Mrs. O said...

Yes, we've flown over the Sahara. It's quite a sight.

Deborah Payne said...

I remember how bad the Harmatan was the last time I visited there with my friend, Linda. It was so bad that it looked like a heavy was incredible.