Monday, April 12, 2010

Hope Restored

Fatima's story began with us back in March 2009. Click here for that story.

We took care of all of her medical and feeding needs at Bezer Home. After a few months, her body was not so sick any more, but just plain weak. Finally, after a year of care and support, she has regained her health, her strength, and her desire to do something with her life.

Just recently I started to see her coming upstairs on her own volition. As I would glance around the sewing room, my eyes would suddenly do a double-take as I realized Fatima was sitting at one of the sewing machines. She can't operate a treadle sewing machine yet, but she sure enjoys the daily camaraderie of the women.

Fatima used to walk at a 90 degree angle, but now her body is only slightly bent as she walks. Here she is with Fanny, our literacy teacher.

And here is her beautiful smile as she enjoyed the music at our gathering today.

I love her story of restored hope. This is what we're all about at Mashiah Foundation.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

This one has to be printed out to show your mom's friend at Bible Study tomorrow, and also for my husband.

Jennifer Barger Williamson said...

Hi, Mary Beth. My name is Jennifer Barger Williamson and I'm on staff with ELCA World Hunger. I read this post recently and I found it so inspiring. I've been sharing this story with some of the pastors and congregations we work with. If you can, please let Fatima know that we are rejoicing with her in the healing she has experienced and that her witness is inspiring others. Thanks so much for the powerful ministry being carried out by all at the Mashiah Foundation.