Monday, April 19, 2010

Innovative Ping-Pong

I asked my parents to bring a ping-pong set when they came for a visit, but I didn't do anything with it while they were here. I was contemplating having a carpenter make a ping-pong table. But besides the expense, what would we do with it during the rainy season? (There's no room in our home for an indoor table.) A couple weeks ago Tobi found the unopened package and promptly set it up on our dining table. I was quite pleased as I really didn't know how to proceed with the project. (Tobi got this idea from some neighbors who play ping-pong on their dining table.)

I just wish Tobi had come across the ping-pong set while my parents were still here. I know he and Grandpa would have had a great time playing together. But as it is, Tobi and Bayo are having lots of good father-son time. I can 'sacrifice' my dining table for that!

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