Monday, December 8, 2008

Heading back soon

I think this mental break in Abuja has been really good for the kids and me. We needed to distance ourselves a bit from the situation.

Bayo felt he couldn't leave Jos when all of the people he works with are there. He had a tough day on Saturday when he took a foreign human rights reporter around to one of the hardest hit areas. A lot of people from his own tribe live there. He was shocked at the level of destruction and how many were killed. We personally know five families whose homes were burned in that area. One of Bayo's distant relations was killed in the fighting.

This morning I spoke with one of the MF staff who lost her home. I asked if they were able to get anything out. She said everything is gone--even their credentials. It is virtually impossible to replace credentials here.

We're heading back soon. Pray that God will give us strength and wisdom as we help many people pick up the pieces of their lives.

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

We've been following your story and praying for you. We looked you up on the map to see that the two cities aren't all that far apart. And we've wondered what mode of travel you used? Hope you get the passport thing straightened out soon. My husband's sister lost her passport (purse stolen, actually) while out of the US and it was big trouble to replace, actually impossible if he husband hadn't been at home to get the necessary documents faxed overseas. Plus my husband was with her so she could use his credit card in the meanwhile.

I've heard of this: scan and email to yourself all your important documents (perhaps in a separate email address) so that everything is available anywhere.

Freezing cold here lately.