Friday, December 5, 2008

We're in Abuja

The kids and I traveled to the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Thursday just in case there are reprisal attacks this weekend.

I heard that Jos had a huge rainstorm on Thursday, complete with hail! That is absolutetly unheard of for December. In general, we don't get even one drop of precipitation from November til March.

In my packing to come to Abuja, I discoved that David's US passport expired 4 weeks ago. I figured I would get that taken care of in Abuja since the US Embassy is here. We went this morning, and I found out all of the things I am supposed to bring. I guess I should have looked at the website first! The most important thing is that both parents and the child must be present! (Bayo is in Jos.) Then they need his original birth certificate, photos from birth til present, our marriage certificate, and about 10 other things! I had no idea it would be so complex for a renewal. When he first got his passport, we needed his birth certificate, our marriage certificate, etc. I thought a renewal would be a breeze!

I have very limited internet access at this hotel so I won't be posting much. Just wanted to let people know that we are fine, and as of 10 a.m. Friday morning, Jos was calm.

We continue to pray for peace in our city.

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Ivy said...

Amen. It's always so frustrating to find out the things you should have brought. May the Lord surround and hold you especially close.