Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This 'n' That

Regarding our accountant whose house was burned down, I forgot to mention: I just "happen" to have her passport in my possession! I'm so glad she won't have to go through the work and expense of applying for a new one.

Here's an interesting article.

We had four Nigerian visitors who came by today to check on us and to tell us their own stories. I wish these types of stories were only in the movies.

Rumors of potential attacks abound. We're trying to keep our heads cool. In corresponding with my superiors, they advise that we get out of this hot spot for awhile.

So, until tomorrow.


conniez said...

Please keep blogging for you and us. Know I am praying for you especially in teh days to come

The Black Family said...


Thanks so much for your blog. Our hearts and prayers are with you all there. We have only spoken with Matthew, our former night guard and Rahila heard from a couple of school friends. Thanks also for the link to the CT article, it clarified some of what we read online.

We miss being there so much, but we are thankful for where God has placed us.

Much love,
Margaret B.