Saturday, February 28, 2009

Season's Greetings?

When I consciously realized that today was the last day of February, I knew that I just had to get those Christmas dishes put away!
I normally use my Christmas dishes from Dec 1-Jan 31. This year, I'm not sure what happened...just got too busy to change them out, I guess. I normally take down the tree about Jan 6th or so. This year it was up til at least mid-January before I felt ready to take it down. I think part of the reason behind that was that December was a bit unstable in Jos with the violence at the end of November. December didn't feel normal in so many ways. Even Tobi's elementary school Christmas program was held at the end of January!
So, I just got the Christmas dishes packed away this morning, and then I bought a crate of Coke later this afternoon, and guess what's on all the bottle tops--Season's Greetings with a Santa Claus! This is the first time I have ever seen that bottle top! I guess maybe the bottling company is a little behind...just like me.

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Wallestads said...

We're STILL using our Christmas dishes! Maybe now that the musical is over I'll get ours put away. Season's Greetings! :)