Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Offerings

We have taken two "offerings" in recent weeks for our crisis victims within Mashiah Foundation.

The first offering was given by HIV+ women & orphans to our eight crisis victims who lost their homes in fires on Nov. 28. It was a beautiful thing to see them share money, clothing, shoes, kitchen items, and foodstuff with one another.

About a week later, the Mashiah Foundation staff took an offering for our two staff members who lost all their belongings in fires on Nov. 28. Money, clothing, & kitchen items were given.

Perhaps more beneficial than the actual items given was the love that the recipients felt at being remembered during this very difficult time.

The Salvation Army came to Jos to conduct their own research on who was affected and how they could help. A few weeks later they came into town with clothing and foodstuff for the crisis victims. I was pleased that they followed through on their promise. However, it is interesting to note that our "offerings" from within ourselves provided more for each of our victims than what the Salvation Army was able to provide. Yes, the Salvation Army reached more people than we did, but nonetheless, I'm very proud of what our people, out of their own lack, were able to provide for those who had even less.

I'm sure there were other organizations that responded to the plight of the victims; unfortunately, I just haven't heard those stories.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Perhaps you do a better job teaching by example than the leaders of some big organizations.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Oh, yes, have to tell you: The ordination was on 2/1/2009. The red stole I made was presented. The green stole that you sent was given as a gift. I'll post pictures some time, but I'm leaving town tomorrow.