Monday, December 14, 2009

What Women Married 10+ Years Know

During this holiday season our Women of Hope quilt and sewing shop sees more male customers than usual.

One man ordered about $40 worth of 12" x 12" squares of all kinds of fabric for his wife's birthday. She's a quilter who keeps her work handy and hand-stitches her quilt blocks wherever she is. When he ordered the squares, I thought, "What an observant husband he is to give her such a perfect gift!"

Another husband ordered a cushion that will keep his wife more comfortable when she's working on her computer in bed. What an observant, thoughtful husband!

And yet another husband said to me, "You know that quilt you made for those people who left a couple years ago? I want you to make me one just like it. My wife loved that quilt. Now, not a word to my wife."

As I complimented these men on their keen powers of observation, they each revealed that...well, their wives had made some pretty direct hints about what they would like. But I do have to give them credit for actually remembering and following through on those not-so-subtle hints.

I can't even remember ever playing the hinting game in our marriage. I prefer the direct approach. Three years ago a friend was selling her gorgeous set of Winterberry Christmas dishes. I said to Bayo, "Honey, what would you think if I bought this set of dishes and called it my 10th anniversary present?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Maybe it's not romantic, but it sure is practical.

Come to think of it, that anniversary gift served for our 11th and 12th anniversaries as well. I'm still pretty tickled with those dishes so I think they can cover for our 13th anniversary in a couple of weeks. That sure was a great gift, Bayo!


joschef said...

Mary Beth, i was just talking to Scott yesterday about you buying those and wondering how they were working out. So glad you are getting to enjoy them. love, Beth

Mary Beth said...

Beth, I am thoroughly enjoying the dishes! I get them out about Dec. 1 and put them away at the end of January. Even with three young children, all of the pieces have fared well with the exception of a couple of glasses. I thought about getting some more glasses, but it looks like the style has changed--and I really prefer the older style.

Anonymous said...

We have these dishes! I LOVE them! I usually pick up a few pieces each year at the after Christmas sales, or I can get them at the outlet store in Albertville. I usually take mine out the weekend of Thanksgiving and they don't get put away until March! I figure if there's snow on the ground, Winterberry it is. :)

Merry Christmas!


joan t. said...

Mary Beth--You have fabulous taste! But I must not covet--i am a long-time "wish" shopper, and so many times i have wished for those beautiful dishes! Love your Nigerian Story! Praising God for the wonderful work that you do-love in Jesus, joan t.