Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 50th Bayo!

Bayo turned 50 today!

Everyone says he doesn't look it. And I guess having young children makes him seem young.

We just celebrated in a pretty low-key way. The day was completely jam-packed with various activities so there was no need to add any more excitement.

Every Monday our women meet for a time of fellowship. Today we said good-bye to Jeanette Wilkinson, fondly known as "Mommy Jeanette." For the past five years she has taken her day off from hostel parenting to teach our women various sewing skills. Jeanette and her husband will be returning to Australia next week. In the midst of our send-off party, Bayo walked in to say his own good-bye to Jeanette, and 80 women regaled him with a hearty rendition of "Happy Birthday!"

Later we went out to eat with some good friends. Bayo's birthday present to himself was a nap on the couch at 8 p.m.


Josh said...

Tell Bayo happy birthday from us!

Clint said...

A belated happy birthday to you from Iowa, Bayo! We hope to see you all soon.