Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's for Breakfast?

Hey kids, do you want corn flakes or corn flakes for breakfast? Those are our only two choices for cold cereal produced in Nigeria. There are about 10 types of cold cereal imported from Europe that are 3-4 times the price of the local cereals. Once in a great while, I splurge and buy one of the imported cereals.

I sure can't complain about the price of the corn flakes though:
Good Morning Corn Flakes: $2.29
Nasco Corn Flakes: $1.66

When we travel to the U.S., we prefer to eat cold cereal almost every morning. Our hosts always want to make big, delicious breakfasts for us, but we really prefer cereal just because we don't have much cereal variety here.

These are our usual breakfasts in Nigeria:
Hot cereals: acha (a local grain); wheat cereal; Golden Morn (a corn cereal); oatmeal
French Toast
Yogurt (homemade)
Banana muffins

I know the kids are going to be overwhelmed when they see what a cereal aisle is like in the U.S.!
(In case you're wondering, those red things in the blue bowl are hibiscus flowers that David was trying to revive.)

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Any one of those things is more than my 2nd and 3rd kids ever ate for breakfast. They both refused to eat breakfast, ever. We weren't bad parents; they were just never hungry in the morning and still aren't, now as adults. I wish we had had a morning breakfast ritual, but they were who they were.