Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wrapping Up

I'm involved in wrapping up all kinds of loose ends these days. Besides that, I'm also starting some major projects before I travel. When will I ever learn? There is just so much to do. For me, part of the key is just starting, rather than thinking about all the things that are yet undone.

I ended up writing 39 emails today. That's pretty amazing considering that we only had about 2 hours of electricity today. At least the compound gen was on for another 2 hours, and our own gen was on for another 2 hours. Besides those power supplies, I'm extremely grateful for the inverter Bayo installed which runs off a truck battery. My computer battery is now at a continual 1%. It always amazes me that the HP Total Care Advisor says that my battery condition is "Good." I can operate on the power from our battery/inverter system almost all day. I can even use the printer on the inverter. Life is good!

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conniez said...

When are you guys coming across teh pond?