Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gift Quilts

The Women of Hope often get requests for custom-designed quilts. Obviously they take more time than our usual patterns. I enjoy seeing what we can come up with that will suit the customer or the recipient of the gift.

This maple leaf pattern is not original with us; it's been around for years. We used it in this quilt because the gift recipient loves gardening and making things grow. We hand-embroidered Psalm 1:3 throughout the quilt.

The quilt below was custom designed for a teacher who is leaving Hillcrest after teaching first grade for two years. The names of the 24 children she taught are embroidered beside their hands. If you have really good eyes--and if you know where Nigeria is--you can see a white outline of Nigeria on the Africa map.

We enjoy having our minds stretched beyond the usual things that we do.

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