Saturday, October 3, 2009

Open Heart, Open Home

"Nanwor, how many people do you have living in your house right now?"

"Well, let me see...there's Tabby and me, my brother, my sister and now the girl from my village.

Nanwor lives in a two room house (a parlor and a bedroom). About three and a half years ago she took in baby Tabby as her adopted daughter. She is now taking care of two of her teenage siblings. In Nigeria, a responsible older brother or sister is supposed to take care of the younger siblings and thereby release the aging parents from financial burdens.

About five years ago Nanwor was completely dependent on her parents and other relations. Since she has been working with Mashiah Foundation, she has been able to live on her own and open her door to others.

And just recently she agreed to take in a young woman from her village whom she had never met before. When the young woman tested HIV+, no one would accept her in their home. She survived by selling hard-boiled eggs. Someone thought of calling Nanwor in Jos, and Nanwor immediately invited the young woman to come and stay in her home. This was beyond comprehension to the young woman. She didn't bring any of her belongings to Jos because she didn't think it was true. To her amazement, Nanwor was actually genuine in her invitation. The young woman is now receiving sewing training at Bezer Home while she is living with Nanwor.

By the way, did I mention that Nanwor has HIV herself?

Thanks, Nanwor, for letting Jesus shine through your life.

(I took this photo of Nanwor modeling one of the wedding gowns a couple months ago. She dreams of being married one day.)

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The Black Family said...

Thanks for sharing about Nanwor - her smile always made my day! I'm so glad that she is opening her heart and her home to those in need. So many blessings on her life!! She looks beautiful in that wedding dress! God knows the desires of her heart.

God's blessings on you all!