Thursday, October 8, 2009

Will Power

I decided to give Fatima a break from coming upstairs today. Three of our staff members were out on various assignments, and I didn't want the rest of the staff to have to spend hours cajoling her. I didn't say anything about it at our brief staff gathering as we had a number of other tasks before us. However, I later learned that one of the staff went downstairs and told her to get ready to come upstairs. The good news is that Fatima basically got herself upstairs today on her own volition.

Fatima's trek upstairs this week is made even more significant by the cold weather we are now having. The weather has been very hot for the past few weeks--about 90 degrees F. But suddenly on Tuesday, it began to rain. Generally we just get one or two brief rains in October, but we have had cold, dreary, rainy weather since Tuesday afternoon. The temperature at night is probably about 55 degrees, which is freezing for us!

On days like these, it would be very tempting for Fatima to stay in bed, but she has really persevered in spite of the weather. I think she's getting 'addicted' to the company upstairs.

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