Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pressing On

Lois and Nanwor once again got Fatima ready to come upstairs today. I heard that it was quite a battle of the wills. Once Fatima arrived upstairs and got settled in her chair (no longer a mattress), she actually told them: "It's good that you're forcing me to come upstairs because I actually enjoy myself once I'm here."

That reminds me of a swimming incident with Tobi this past summer. I kept trying to convince him to jump off the low diving board, but he just refused. After much cajoling, I finally got him to try it. As soon as he came up for air, he shouted, "That was FUN! I'm going again." And he probably went 100 times after that throughout the summer.

Sometimes we need that extra push from another person. If we have enough willpower and determination, we can even give ourselves that extra push.

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