Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Changing Seasons

The other day I tore the Christmas wrapping paper and big bow off my home office door. My son David was indignant: "Mom, why did you do that?!" I left it there when we moved into the new year because I thought I would find time to do some of those fun Christmas activities that December was just too busy for. Then we had 'rioting activities' in January and lots of plans were tossed to the wayside.

Over the weekend I decided that it would be nice to have a change of dishes for awhile. I put away the white-with-blue-trim stoneware and got out a set of deep purple plates. David, my aesthetic child, said, "Mom, these plates are really nice."

"Yes, let's call them our summer plates." Even when I said that it didn't quite sound right because I think of summer colors as bright and perky.

David had a better idea: "Actually, I think we should call them Rainy Season plates." Ahh...he got it exactly. That's a much better term for the deep purple.

Although it's summertime, it's actually quite a bit cooler now than it was in February and March. We went swimming over the weekend, but that was the first time in about two months. We just have to watch the sky and go whenever it looks a bit clear.

I've been enjoying our slightly lengthening days as we approach June 21. Our daylight only varies about one hour on each end of the day throughout the year. It's now getting dark at 7 p.m. In December it will be dark at 6. Many people hardly notice the change here because it's so subtle. By the way, there's no such thing as Daylight Savings Time here.

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