Monday, June 7, 2010


In April and May we experienced a number of deaths around us.

Victor, 20, was on his way to work in the Mashiah Foundation Youth Ministry computer school early one morning. He was riding on a 'motorcycle taxi.' A speeding car approached the motorcycle from behind and did not realize they had stopped. The motorcycle driver and Victor were severely injured by the crushing impact. Victor went into a coma and died five days later. His funeral service was held the day after he died. There were easily 1400 people in attendance. I was shocked at the turnout.  I had not realized the vast reach Victor had already obtained with his young life.

A few days later the father of one of the Mashiah Foundation accountants died in a head-on collision. The father had recently retired and was enjoying running an egg-laying business.

Then came the death of Samson. We had found Samson propped up near one of the major intersections in Jos. He was HIV+, hungry and homeless. We took him to Bezer Home where the medical team cared for him for 2-3 months. His health fluctuated from week to week. At times he appeared to be improving, but then he would languish, and we would have to take him to a hospital for more intensive care. He died while under the hospital's care. He was buried with dignity with only members of Mashiah Foundation as the mourners.

Then on May 5, we learned that Nigerian President Yar'Adua was declared dead after a six-month illness. Thankfully the swearing-in of Vice President Goodluck Jonathan went smoothly.

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