Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Really Good Day

Reposted from the CaringBridge site for Bayo Oyebade

By   32 minutes ago

Bayo had a great day today! When I got to the hospital in the morning, it was immediately apparent that he was really starting to feel like himself. He was much more alert than he has been. I realized that he did not remember some of the stories that I told him since he regained consciousness--so I told him the stories again. 

I'm so happy to report that Bayo no longer has any blood in his urine! That just cleared up today. The doctors had already planned to do a procedure tomorrow to figure out the cause of that bleeding. I had told them that it was all from the catheter. They wanted to figure out if he had blood clots in his bladder or even cancer of the bladder. I said, "No, he never had any blood in his urine prior to having a catheter." I really did not want that procedure because I felt there was no problem, and I really didn't want him to have general anesthesia after the trauma he has been through--unless absolutely necessary. 

As the doctor was going, I said, "What about the EEG?" He waved his hand in the air, and said, "Normal."

They didn't talk about the blood clots in the lungs today. I guess he's on the blood thinner which should take care of the clots over time. 

It looks to me like we just need to get him strong and back to Nigeria.

Speaking of Nigeria, today I saw a magazine called NewAfrican. The cover story (Feb 2015) was devoted to Nigeria's elections: New Hope or No Hope? It's a 24 page spread all about various details of Nigeria's elections which were supposed to take place on Feb 14, but have been postponed until March 28. I thought Bayo would enjoy this magazine so I bought it. 

After his dinner, I started reading it to him. He hung on every word. As I would read a statement, he would say, "Yes! Yes!" or "It's true!" He was so focused. I had to chuckle at myself because I get so tired of constantly hearing about politics--and now, here I am, fueling the very thing! There are two things Bayo is really passionate about: Jesus and Nigeria. So, if my reading this 24 page article to him gives him joy and something to focus on, then that's just great. And maybe I'll even learn something in the process. 


squish said...

We r so glad to hear of uncle Bayo's quick recovery. May God perfect His good work in his life in Jesus name. Amen. Mrs Patience Ifere (Tehilah's mum) for the Iferes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good to hear that. God is faithful. We are with you in praying for his total restoration. Lots of Love.
-The Turays

Solomon Anzenge said...

Thank God for Bro Bayo's recovery. God perfects his healing in Jesus name. Amen!