Thursday, February 26, 2015


Reposted from the CaringBridge site for Bayo Oyebade

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Well, I had three goals for today regarding Bayo's health:

1) Make sure the procedure doesn't happen because he no longer has blood in his urine.
2) Get Bayo out of bed for the first time in 6 days.
3) Get Bayo moved out of HDU (High Dependency Unit) to a general ward.

Visiting hours start at 11:30 for the HDU. I got there by 10:30 so I could see the doctors in case they still wanted to take Bayo for his planned procedure. I was prepared to be an assertive advocate for Bayo's health. However, I didn't see any doctors as I was waiting to get into the ward.

When I entered the ward, I was shocked to see Bayo out of bed, sitting in a chair! He proudly reported that he had already been cruising the HDU and even taking himself to the bathrooom. Yay! I don't think he was even aware of my goal for the day. Throughout my visit, he got up a few times, and I was even surprised at how quickly he was moving without any assistance.

He told me that the doctors had come around in the morning and decided not to do the procedure because his urine is clear. 

Then I told him, I'm going to ask these nurses about moving you out of HDU, and he said the medical personnel already told him he's moving out today.

Wow. My whole agenda for the day was already taken care of! Exodus 14:14 says: The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. I know many people have been praying that for us. 

Today Bayo got his first real shower in 7 days. Wow, was he happy! 

Apart from all that good news, Bayo was even more upbeat today than yesterday. I really saw the old Bayo coming through today. In fact, sometimes I had to tell him to lower his voice--if you know Bayo, you'll understand that.

In other news, the 24 page magazine spread on Nigerian elections has been a big hit. We're about halfway through it. Whenever I take a significant pause, Bayo launches into his own political comments replete with varied inflections and accompanying hand gestures. I sat there thinking: Wow, this man is BACK! There is nothing wrong with his brain. 

I was ready to pack our bags tomorrow, but the doctor rained on my parade. He said it's very important to finish the course of all Bayo's drugs: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and most importantly, the drugs for his blood clots. He said it will take about 5 more days of hospitalization. Because of the blood clots in the lungs, the doctor cautioned us that Bayo's body will have to demonstrate certain readiness factors before he will be able to get on a plane. 

No problem, but let me tell you, it's going to be hard to keep a well man in the hospital! I'll be looking for some more good reading material, that's for sure.


Miner C. said...

This is truly a testimony of how the Lord watches over his own. I am so glad to read about his progress . I accidentally stumbled on your blog while checking up on something else (I didn't know you had one!). My family and I have been praying for him and this is truly wonderful news. Look forward to having you back with us!

Sandy said...

We were praying for you tonight at prayer meeting. So wonderful to see how God is working and moving ahead of us!
Now praying about the clots to dissolve.
We are praying for the children as well.
God Bless,
Jim and Sandy in the UK