Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nairobi Night #1

Reposted from the Caring Bridge site for Bayo Oyebade

I just have time for a little back story tonight…
When we arrived in Kenya last Sunday night, the doctors went right to work on Bayo with all kinds of tests as well as a CT scan. By the time they finished all that and shared their first impressions with me, it was well after midnight.  The doctors told me I could go and then we would continue tomorrow. I’m sure they saw the confusion on my face. In Nigeria, we are used to sleeping in the hospital with our loved ones. That’s not an option here—unless you are in a private suite, I suppose.
So, they explained some places I could go—they said there was a guest house just 200 meters from the hospital, but under no circumstances should I walk there during the night time. They said it is only safe to walk from 8 a.m. til 6 p.m. Oh yes, what was it I had heard about rapes and robberies in Nairobi?
Well, the next problem was how to get a taxi because walking outside and flagging one down was just as dangerous. One of the nurses called a taxi driver that is known by the hospital. He took me to the guest house, but the guard said there was no room in the inn. So I told the driver to take me to a well-known place. He took me to a place called Mayfair which was nearby.
It was gorgeous—and expensive. I’ve never paid even half that price for a hotel room in the U.S. But it was almost 1 a.m., I was in a fairly rough part of town, and my husband had just survived the most harrowing experience of his life. This was not the time to go bargain hunting around Nairobi. I handed over my credit card without a second thought.
The room was beautiful and peaceful. I had deep peace in my heart from the miracle I had just witnessed. God had strengthened my faith through the experience.  I put my head on the pillow and slept.
The next morning I made a connection with my friends who used to live in Jos and have enjoyed their hospitality immensely ever since. 
Health update: Bayo continues to regain his strength. Thanks for your prayers. 

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