Monday, February 23, 2015

Healing Journey

Re-posted from the CaringBridge site for Bayo Oyebade

Bayo continues to regain his strength daily. He started eating food today. He is feeding himself and looks to be quite ravenous. 

He has had a very thorough series of investigations at Aga Khan University Hospital. The CT scan, MRI and various lab tests only revealed a few blood clots on his lungs. He is on blood thinner to clear them out. He now needs to regain his strength from his near-death experience. Hopefully he will soon be allowed to get out of bed so he can exercise those muscles. 

I specifically asked the doctor if there was any sign of the seizure and convulsions on the brain scan. He said no.

The night of our arrival, the doctor spent some time asking Bayo questions, trying to determine if he had any memory gaps. 
What is your name?
Where do you live?
Who is the President of Nigeria?
When were you born?
Who was the President of Nigeria when you were a child?
Who is this woman? (pointing to me)
Where did you meet her?
When did you get married?
How long have you been married?

I had to ask the doctor to pardon him on the last two because he doesn't even know those on a good day!

He knows current information as well as past information. Today he saw a woman he hasn't seen for 17 years, and he knew her. The only thing he is missing is a recollection of 48 hours in Jos. His mind is completely blank about that experience, and I'm really glad he doesn't have a memory of how awful it was. 

There does not appear to be any residual damage from the seizure or the convulsions. I am so grateful, not only for his life, but also for his intact mind and personality. 

O God, thank you for this healing. I will never forget it in my life. 

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