Thursday, March 5, 2015


Reposted from the Caring Bridge site for Bayo Oyebade

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Bayo's MRI on Wed night (checking something near the gall bladder) did not reveal anything abnormal so he was discharged as planned today. Unfortunately the discharge process took about 5 hours, and that was even after I had run around a couple of days earlier trying to line everything up. It was too much of go-here, go-there, check-this, check-that. I had to tell one of the administrators that their discharge process does not match the otherwise excellent services we have received at the hospital. It felt like an archaic system that they are all used to, but to a newcomer, it was terribly frustrating and convoluted. This is the only bad mark I would give the hospital. Otherwise, we were both completely impressed with the level of care Bayo received. 

Bayo was loaded up with an arsenal of medication. The blood thinner (for blood clot prevention) is the most important medication. We need to be very faithful with him taking it every 12 hours. The doctor said he needs to be on this medication for at least the next year. 

I said good-bye to two of my main hospital friends. They were so sweet and encouraging. I really enjoyed my visits with them and the things I learned about Kenya from them. 

The ride from the hospital to where we are staying was a chance for Bayo to catch a glimpse of Nairobi and form some impressions. That will probably be his main tourist outing! He doesn't have the energy to see any of the sites or animals of Nairobi.

We are still talking about when to fly back to Nigeria. We both want to get there soon, but I want to make sure he has the strength for the journey.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! I hope to have a few more stories to share on Caring Bridge before I slow down my activity here. I'm hoping that I'll be able to carry the momentum back to my blog Establish the Work of Our Hands


Sandy said...

Oh I am glad to hear Bayo is discharged! My internet wasn't working today, but I was praying.
I will be praying for just the right things to fall in place for flying home.
Do you get any chance to speak to the children?
Sandy in the UK

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for giving the kids here in Iowa Falls an opportunity to learn more about Nigeria, its water, and its culture!