Monday, March 30, 2009

Boys and Facial Scars: Part II

What was I just saying a few weeks ago about boys and facial scars?

David was running through the kitchen tonight and gashed himself between his eyebrow and his eye. This time the offending object was part of a metal latch on a door jamb.

I've already used all of my neighbor's butterfly bandages in previous episodes on David's head, so it was time to make my own from adhesive tape. We did the best we could to pull the wound together. It's not that bad, but it is more than a surface wound.

Why do these events almost always happen at 7:30 at night?

David says he looks like a pirate now. Oh well, he'll have lots of stories to tell when he's older.

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Well, girls get scars too, but boys tend to run faster and look slower than girls. My remembrance of a facial scar that was most trying was the time my husband was away for a week. Actually, he had only been gone for a few hours when my daughter started throwing up and my son crashed into something, which struck a blood gusher on his face, so I knew he needed stitches. What to do? I did leave my daughter home alone when I went to the hospital. I was sure glad that I wasn't usually a single parent.