Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing Bayo

Well, Bayo and I have been married for 12 years now, but recently I've been looking up friends from 15-30 years ago on Facebook, and they don't have a clue who my husband is. By the way, his name is pronounced Bio (like the short form of biology).

Bayo and I met in Jos in 1995. I was teaching at Hillcrest School, but I wanted to get more involved in ministry to Nigerians. So I went for Sunday outreach with a group called Urban Frontiers Mission (EST back then). Bayo was leading the ministry team to hotels and brothels that housed prostitutes. Our purpose was to share the love of Christ with them and hope that some of them would choose to leave that lifestyle.

I had never met anyone as bold as Bayo. Wow. He loved God with such passion and he had a heart for the people of the world. I was quite swept away. Somehow he was interested in me as well. We dated for a year and married in Nigeria at the end of 1996.

We are quite opposite--not just in looks--but in personality as well.
  • He's a passionate public speaker. While I can hold my own in public, it's not something I would seek to do.
  • He has almost no sense of time--especially when referring to events in the past. I've had to piece together his life and now he asks me for dates of events that happened before we met!
  • He's a real visionary. In fact, sometimes I have to tell him: "Please, no more new ideas today. I can't keep up with you." I have to say that because he's expecting me to somehow follow up with all the details of his new ideas.
  • He's a bit of an inventor. He thinks of things that no one has ever done and then he either does it himself if he knows how or gets someone with expertise to help him carry out his idea. For example, we now have a battery lighting system in our house that is run off a huge deep cycle battery and lights up bicycle headlights in nearly every room. The headlights had to be re-wired to work on the system. I have to stop there because that's as much as I understand. Many missionaries have a battery system here, but I'll bet they don't have bicycle lights in their house!
Regarding being black and white: are we really? I thought we were just different shades of tan. :) Actually we usually forget how different we look until someone asks us about it.

Bayo is an incredible man, and I'm blessed to be his wife.


Sandi said...

It's good to see Bayo again! What a nice synopsis of him as a person!

Lori said...

Mary Beth - I've enjoyed seeing where your life has taken you since Sidney. I've been reading some of your blog and you are doing some amazing things! You and your husband seem like a perfect fit! Your children are beautiful and obviously have a very wonderful mother!! Facebook has been a great tool, I've had so much fun catching up with old friends :) Take Care. Lori (Edwards) Garman

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Thanks for posting this about Bayo. And how to say his name too, in case I get to meet him some day. Not that I really know you either...I hope you are able to work out your travel issues for your daughter. We have so much snow that it could still be here when you arrive.

The leader of the Habitat trip we took to Uganda is planning to lead a trip to Nigeria for another group that is similar to Habitat. That seems scary after the problems your city had last November. But noting in life is actually safe.

I'd love to learn more about how you first went to Nigeria.

Emily said...

What an inspiring couple you are! Love you guys!!

I'm excited to find your blog so we can "stay in touch"

Mrs. Dago said...

I think Achille and Bayo are long lost brothers...with the exception of the "inventor" part, they could even be twins! :) I am amazed at how God brings people together for His purposes and His glory. I praise God for what He has done and continues to do in your and Bayo's lives. I hope and pray that God will use Achille and me as He has used you to touch so many people!
Lots of hugs to you and the family!
-Amanda Dago

UcheSarah said...

People laugh when I say I have to remind myself that Uche's black and I'm white, cause to me we're just Uche and Sarah. I also have a hard time hearing his accent cause he just sounds like Uche. I can't imitate his accent at all cause I can't hear it.