Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boys & Facial Scars

Two weeks ago David jumped off the back of a livingroom chair and collided with a concrete window sill. He received a nice gash next to his eye for his efforts. I had to run around looking for a butterfly bandage. There was a little too much blood for Tobi to handle. (I don't think he's going to be a doctor!) Now two weeks later the wound has healed so nicely that he will hardly have anything to show for it. My mom would say that's because I applied Melaleuca oil to the wound! She's probably right.

What is it with boys and facial wounds?

Six months ago David had another gash on the back of his head when he ducked down behind a couch too quickly and the concrete window sill got him. It was 7:30 at night, which is dark here. I was not ready to go out for stitches. So we shaved off a patch of hair and butterflied him together. That scar is still visible. Maybe I should be putting Melaleuca oil on that one too.

Emily, a missionary kid from the Czech Republic, was staying with us at the time. She had been telling me stories about her brothers and all their facial scars. One brother had an eyebrow that wasn't stitched together very well. After that her parents learned the trick of supergluing wounds together. I've got to get some superglue on hand!

When Tobi was about 4, he was playing with a slingshot (everyone has one here) and he accidentally let go of the wrong end. To this day he has a discolored patch of skin under one of his eyes.

Now on to their father...when Bayo was a young boy, he was playing in the midst of a dry bamboo field. Suddenly a stalk of bamboo broke off and jabbed him right through his cheekbone, narrowly missing his eye. He has a substantial scar to prove it.

Six months after we married, Bayo was in a pretty bad single car accident. He has scars across his eyelids, between his eyes, and on his forehead. If you didn't know about the accident, you would just think the scars are part of age wrinkles.

I just thank God that in the midst of all these incidents their eyes have been spared.


Sandi said...

What would boys do without scars to brag about? I'm glad they've been spared major injuries. We've enjoyed reading your recent postings. Thanks!

karav said...

Just reading this and realized that all 3 of my boys have scars on their faces. Crazy. I have always told my kids they haven't had an adventurous life if they haven't had stitches. Of course, I was saying this as they were getting stitches --trying to make them feel better:)