Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Older & Wiser Than His 25 Years

One of Bayo's many dreams is to see that the orphan children associated with Mashiah Foundation get a university education.
He saw that dream come true this week.
Mashiah Foundation became involved with Peter and his siblings near the end of 2002. Their mother died of AIDS complications in May 2002 and their father followed in August 2002. Peter, the eldest of the five children, was 18 at the time. He remembers that period as extremely difficult. Not only had he lost his parents, but now it was his responsibility to feed and educate himself and his younger siblings. His greatest concern was their education.
Over the past six years Mashiah Foundation has paid school fees, provided money for feeding and money for their transportation to school. Peter's uncle has also helped them out from time to time as he is able. A relation has taken in the youngest child who has HIV. The four oldest children live together on their own.
Bayo refers to Peter and his siblings as an example of one of our "best practices." Peter didn't just accept handouts, but he really put his mind to work and started small businesses that would help to support his family. He has done shoemaking, sold phone recharge cards, and currently they are raising 300 chickens and selling the eggs. Peter is a very enterprising young man.
Peter now has a degree in Economics. Later this year Peter will go for his mandatory year of youth service. After that, he is thinking about becoming a stockbroker. Peter is well on his way to providing for his siblings and then his own family one day.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Many people could learn from that example. I'm sure he'll apppreciate his education all the more.

Sandi said...

What a wonderful story! He's accomplished so much in a relatively short time. Thanks for all you do.