Friday, March 27, 2009

Worshipping in the Midst of Ruins

Last Sunday we worshipped with the Dogon Karfe LCCN (Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria) congregation. Their church was burned during the Jos riots in November 2008.

After the service, I asked Rev. Elkanah, "When did you start worshipping here again?"
He said, "We never stopped."

To put this in perspective, the riots happened on Fri, Nov. 28 & Sat, Nov. 29. These people went to their church on Sunday morning, not even knowing that the riots were calming down at that point. The first time I left my compound was on Thurs, Dec. 4, and that was to get out of town! These people are incredibly brave and resilient.

Rev. Elkanah's home (the parsonage) was also burned. He and his family escaped without injury. To date, the congregation has raised enough money to repair the parsonage. Rev. Elkanah and his family have been able to move back in. This Sunday, March 29, the congregation is holding a special service to dedicate the new parsonage and also to start raising money for the re-building of their church.

The congregation is fairly small, and they have a big job ahead of them. If anyone is led to give to this project, the contact information is below. The Minneapolis Area Synod is a partner synod with Nigeria, and they are trying to raise funds to help in the re-building of LCCN Dogon Karfe.

Making a World of Difference (earmarked Dogon Karfe)
Attn: Raenay Rock
Minneapolis Area Synod
122 W. Franklin Ave., Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55404
For more info, contact:

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