Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Care Package

I've been back for just under two why do I need a care package already?

Well, I forgot some really essential stuff: like pepperoni and mapleine! The first Friday night I was back, I set to work making my pizza crust and sauce. Then it was time to put on the toppings. I opened the freezer and knew: I forgot to buy pepperoni in the U.S. How could I possibly forget that?

One morning I was all set to make pancakes and suddenly realized that my bottle of mapleine was finished! I just couldn't bring myself to buy a $5 bottle of imported syrup, not just because of the price, but also because I'm afraid my kids might really like it and then reject my homemade syrup. I guess I could have made fruit syrup, but I wasn't quite motivated to do that yet.

The other day the kids and I were making dill pickles. We're all crazy about dill pickles--with the exception of Bayo. I just about had a panic attack when I couldn't find my dill seed. For a minute I wondered if I had forgotten to buy that too. Thankfully I found some--and I got a lot more today in my care package. Ahh, the essentials of life.

I had made a shopping list before I left Nigeria, but the strange thing is I never consulted it in the U.S. In fact, I don't even know where it is.

But the biggest reason I needed a care package was because so many of Bayo's books for his online class arrived a few days after I left the U.S. I had worked on ordering them a month before my departure, but I had some terrible computer viruses that wouldn't allow my Amazon order to go through. Finally I got everything ordered about two weeks before my travel date, but the books arrived very slowly, probably because it was a large order.

So now I'm content for awhile--I've got my pizza, my pancakes, and my pickles!

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Hi, I grew up with Mapleine. My husband didn't know about this, so we bought syrup. Now I hardly ever make pancakes, but somebody gave us real syrup for Xmas, so I've had to make pancakes.

I had to laugh about your computer problems. Maybe, just maybe, Amazon was rejecting your 'net order because it was from Nigeria. I get a zillion spams which originate in Nigeria. Go figure. the sendeers pretend to be from the United nations or the US government or from the British govt.

Greetins from the shore of Lake Michigan. I'm visiting my mom.