Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Fun to be 4!

Lily turned 4 on Saturday. Here she is checking out the presents...hey, everyone, notice the cloth gift sure makes wrapping gifts easy! You can purchase your own at your nearest Women of Hope gift store!

Lily's biggest gift was a 1970s Fischer-Price dollhouse which I bought from missionaries who left Jos. Lily and her brothers played with the dollhouse for hours that day. The only problem is that all the people that came with it are white. I need some black figures for her to play with!

I had a very low-key birthday party for her on Saturday. She had a few friends come over and spend the day with her. They each got a red velvet dress thanks to some great garage sale finds this past summer.

Here's an interesting observation: in general Nigerians don't show their teeth when their photo is taken, even though most of them have beautiful, white, straight teeth. Lily has not been raised with that instruction.
Happy Birthday, Lily!


Sandi said...

Look at her...what a doll! She and her friends must have enjoyed dressing up. Thanks for posting the pictures. And give her love from Grandma and Grandpa.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Those Fisher Price things bring back good memories. We had a number of the sets for our kids. My mom was great at getting things from sales. I gave them all to the preschool in Cook. Never did I realize how fast time would fly and I have two grand-boys already.

Iris Wallestad said...

happy birthday, lily!