Monday, September 21, 2009

Items for Prayer

On Friday night we heard that our 10-month-old niece somehow pulled boiling water on herself. Both of her parents were present, but it just happened so quickly. They spent a day in the hospital with her, and now she is recovering at home.

On Sunday, the wife of a pastor we know died after a very brief sickness. She literally died in her husband’s arms with her five children (ages 1-17) present. She was 40 years old.

This morning, as his bath water was being prepared, little baby Moses suddenly squirmed out of his caregiver’s hands, and fell into very hot (near boiling) bath water. He was instantly plucked out, but the damage was already done. We ran around this morning getting medical attention for him. He is now on admission at the hospital. Although he has improved greatly in his time at Bezer Home, he is still frightfully small—about the size of a normal 2 month old, when he’s actually about 9 months old. We do know that he is a survivor, and we believe that this little guy will fight for his survival this time too. Volunteers are taking turns with his round-the-clock care at the hospital.

(A note about baths: a small amount of water is boiled and then cool water is poured into it to get it to a decent temperature. Bath water is mixed in a bucket or baby basin, not a bathtub.)


Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing all this. I will definitely be praying!!! And seeing you in about a week.

Lisa Gertz said...

I'll be praying, too, Marybeth. Thanks for giving us specific needs. I'm so sorry these little ones have been burned, and that this family has lost their mother. May God's grace abound. Suffering with them in spirit... Lisa