Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Below is a poem I wrote during college ('87-'91).
I find it interesting that I used a Yoruba name (Kemi)
without knowing anything about Nigeria
or the Yoruba tribe at the time.
(There are more than 450 tribes in Nigeria.)
Now I have a Yoruba husband
and an adopted daughter
whose Yoruba name is Kemi.
Her full name is Oluwakemi which means
"God is the One who protects me and takes care of me."

Obviously, Africa was on my heart long before I arrived.


Trials and tribulations? Oh yes, I encounter them every day.
I had a difficult time getting started on my English paper tonight.
Then my roommate and I had a little squabble.
Mom called and said my brother has mono.
Oh yeah, I got locked out of my room too.
Life is hard, but I can make it with Jesus.

Trials and tribulations? Oh yes, I encounter them every day.
Today the supply truck could not get through the blockade,
and we went without a meal again.
Young Kemi's baby daughter took a turn for the worse,
and we have no doctor within 300 kilometers.
Last week the government ordered us to say no more
about our God or face eviction.
Tomorrow we will give vaccinations
to the children of our village,
but we do not have enough for all
so we will have to decide
who the lucky ones are.
Life is hard, but we can make it with Jesus.


Anonymous said...

You know what is interesting? Our girls both just turned four, and their birthdays are in days of eachothers and you just wrote how your daughters Yoruba name is Kemi and my daughters name is Kamy.

Anonymous said...

I remember that night at Luther. God has been guiding you a long time sister! Protecting you as you serve.