Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snow Days and Variations Thereof

Attending high school in southern Minnesota, we could expect about 3-5 snow days a year. Those were the only days that our family turned on the radio in the morning. We kids waited with eager anticipation for the announcer to start going through the list of late starts and school cancellations. We were always one of the first schools called since our name was Amboy-Good Thunder.

I don't remember snow days during my schooling in eastern Montana. Perhaps some of my former classmates can share their own memories on that point.

I also don't remember snow days at college in Iowa because 95% of us lived on campus. I do remember one day when there was a pretty bad snowstorm, but all of us students still showed up for our literature class. We waited the requisite 15 minutes for our professor, and when he didn't show, we all left. Later we learned that our professor had cross-country skied about two miles across town to make it to his class, but we had all just left. Talk about dedication!

We don't have snow days in Nigeria, but school (and work) have been cancelled for the following reasons: riot days, census days, and election days.

Well, I heard a new one today. Bayo is taking an online course with students from around the globe which is based in southern California. Due to the current fires in that area, the school has informed students that if they have a paper due on Friday, it can now be uploaded by the following Tuesday.

After reading the email and accepting the information as true, a few minutes later I had to stop and think, "What's today's date?" Then I remembered it's September, and nowhere close to April Fools. Then I had to ask, "Who sent this email?" It's from someone we trust. I've been gullible at least once this year (see April 1 post) and don't intend to be taken in again if I can help it! It just seemed so highly unusual, but I guess each part of the world has their own version of 'snow' days!


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

The fires in California are so bad and they are threatening the transmission towers for the TV, Radio, Cell phones, emergency services, etc. for the large metropolitan area. So I guess that college papers are not priority. OTOH, when my son took an on-line class, he had papers due on Sun. evening, midnight. But the system was down for repairs, so many didn't get their work in. Well the teacher said, too bad: you shouldn't wait until the last minute to do the work anyway. No kidding.

Stephen Huey said...

We got a day off of school due to heavy rains causing small impassable floods in parts of Houston during my first week at Rice University.

Sandy said...

I recently discovered your blog because of a link from someone on a quilt art list...she was asking about your query on the quilt patterns on barns in america.

I am in the UK. We have Nigerians and other African countries represented, along with British fpeople, in our small church in England...our pastor is from Ghana and we have some from Zimbabwe and recently a Moroccan.

I was talking with the Nigerian couple at the weekend and told them about your blog. Although they are from Lagos, Adiola's cousin was one of the Christians killed in the troubles in Jos in 2006. I don't know his name, but I think she said he was a pastor.

I am an American married to a Brit who I met when I was on a Missionary Apprenticeship Programme. so, I have been in England 22 years (I say full support and I don't have to go on furlough! LOL) But my blog is mostly about the textile art work I do, which is one of the ways I have found to be a bridge builder.

Anyway, about the snow days...when I started Bible College in Massachusetts, they had several snow days in the first week due to several feet of snow. In nearby Rhode Island it was up to the tops of doors at least, and the National Guard had to be called out to clear roads because it came so fast they got stuck.

God Bless,
I am praying for you.
Sandy in the UK