Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Moses

Last week a hospital called the ministry and asked us to come and pick up a baby. The baby's mother died of AIDS complications in June. The relations were not too happy about having to care for her sickly baby. In fact, it even appears that they had basically stopped feeding the eight-month-old boy. He is quite emaciated and has bed sores and a flat place on his head from lying down constantly. They were waiting for him to die like his mother, but they said he kept refusing to die!

Esther, the matron of Bezer Home, went to the hospital to pick up the baby. She gladly welcomed that sickly, love-starved baby into her arms. When she brought him to Bezer Home, all of the children swarmed around him. His eyes roved from face to face, completely unaccustomed to all this attention.

I asked Esther what she named him, and she said, "Moses." How appropriate. Now I jokingly refer to her as Pharoah's daughter or Princess of the Nile.

Does the baby have HIV? We don't know. Does it matter? No. Every child needs to be loved no matter what their circumstances.