Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It was great to be reunited with Bayo & Lily after two months of separation. Lily literally flew into our arms when we arrived. Bayo is just happy to have his family all back together so that life can be more normal for all of us.

Bayo had come to Abuja on Friday because he had to do some work there before we arrived on Sunday night. I'm sure it wasn't easy having a 3-year-old tagging along, but I'm glad he brought her so she could have an experience outside of Jos this summer. And now she can talk about "going to Abuja."

When Lily would start to tell me something, she would often preface it with, "Auntie..." then realize her mistake and say, "Mummy..." She did that because she has been around her "aunties" all summer. David, age 5, got on her case right away about the correct pronunciation of "Mommy." Nigerians speak British English so "Mummy" is correct to them.

While we were driving back to Jos, Lily asked me if today was Sunday. I told her that Sunday would be in 6 days. She said she wanted us to go swimming on Sunday. It made me smile that she remembered what our schedule had been like shortly before we traveled. During the month of May we went swimming almost every Sunday afternoon.

As I was unpacking, Lily was my assistant. I would set something out and tell her which room to put it in. She would gladly run and do it and come back for more. I love a 3-year-old's enthusiasm for helping Mommy.

If we get some sunshine this next Sunday afternoon, we just might be at the pool!


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Glad you are safe and sound and all back together. I read about the problems in another part of Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

We're glad to hear you made it safely. Know that we're praying for you all as you transition back to normal routines and schedules!


conniez said...

Glad you made it HOME!!

Jannine Ebenso said...

Welcome home