Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fayette County, Iowa

Here's a recent comment from someone who lives right near the quilts that I pictured in my blog on Aug. 17:

Greetings from Zion Lutheran Church in West Union, Iowa. I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw the barn quilts along Hwy 150. They happen to be neighbors and landlords. My husband farms the land around these barns. The first one I drive by 4-6 times a day going to and from work here at the church.

Fayette County has 52 barn quilts. Visit this link: and click on Fayette County on left sidebar and then tours on top bar. You'll eventually find a brochure. The first barn quilt you have pictured is called Harvest Star and the second one is Gentlemen's Fancy. The barn owners had some input into choice of design and colors.

Last fall the county tourism group hosted a bus tour of the barn quilts in Fayette County. I understand that the other counties do this too and buses come from out of state to also tour the quilts. Fayette Co. is working on getting more quilts placed on barns. Some of the quilts are placed on other barns that are not red and white. The barn just needs to be in good condition and easily seen from the road.

Thanks for promoting Fayette County and its rural way of life from Nigeria. May God's grace touch you today.

Pam L.

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