Friday, August 28, 2009

Comment on 'Name' Post

This comment came via email regarding the previous post:

I think Lily is a good name and applaud your decision to keep it the legal one. But, perhaps you could also call her Lilianna for a while at her 3-year-old request, just not making it legal, but more as a nickname. That would please her for now, perhaps.

I used to imagine that I wanted my name, Diane, changed to Diana. Somehow that seemed better to me as a young child. Now, as an adult, I am SO glad God named me Diane and not Diana!! "Diane" means "perfect" in the sense of "complete." For reasons known to me and God and a few others, this is just the right name for me. I am glad my name is still Diane.

Would anyone else like to comment on their own name?


Anonymous said...

If I am remembering correctly, didn't Josh go through a phase where he wanted a different name? Was it Steven... or something like that?

Choosing a name is tough--especially when you teach. I remember feeing immense pressure when we chose Evan's name, and I can imagine it will be similar with the new baby. My biggest issue, I think, was that I want my kids' names to have a purpose, a story, or some connection to their heritage. I probably feel this way because mine does not. My mom wanted a boy so badly, that she had not chosen any girl names. Consequently, I was without a name until the day they took me home from the hospital when they HAD to name me. Mom was dead-set on Roberta (she would have named her boy Robert) and my dad said absolutely not. How they arrived at Melissa, I don't know. As a kid, I was always secretly jealous of kids who had some significance to their name... named after a family member, tied to a place or experience, etc.

Anyway... the pressure is on to choose wisely again.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I've never been all that fond of my name, EXCEPT that I like that it comes from the Bible. Once I read that it meant Warrior Maiden. Yuk. I'm really not sure that is correct. But my aunt had a nickname for me based on my name, and I consider that a name of love and it is only used by people close to me. We named our kids biblical names. I think Lily is in the Bible, even if not as a name, right? I think it is so strange that names go through popularity phases, but parents like what they like, I guess.