Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tobi!

Tobi turned 9 today.

I told him if he's ever in the U.S. for his birthday, he'll be able to celebrate it on the 15th & the 16th. Why? He was born at 4 a.m. on the 16th in Nigeria which was 10 p.m. on the 15th in the U.S.!

Tobi opened some gifts from the family early this morning. I have found a creative alternative to wrapping gifts: I just pop the gifts into colorful cloth bags made by the Women of Hope. This really cuts down on wrapping time (took me about 2 min.) and they can be recycled through numerous birthdays.

After church Bayo and the kids took a birthday cake to Bezer Home to share with the kids there. They all loved that.

For the past couple weeks I tried to convince Tobi to have a small party with just 3-4 friends, but he really wanted to invite his whole class plus some others. I acquiesed--hopefully for the last time. The kids weren't bad, but when you put about a dozen 8-10 year old boys together, the result is generally chaotic.

The biggest miracle of the day was that it DID NOT rain!! In August we have a 95% chance of having a downpour at 3 p.m. I knew an outdoor party would preserve my sanity. However, I did have Plan B which would have been a video inside.

Even though we didn't have rain, the kids sure did get wet--from super soakers and water balloons. We even got out the 3-man-slingshot. We have never used it on our compound before because it really packs a lot of power. I had the kids lay on the ground and aim their water balloons straight up. They had a lot of fun trying to catch them on the way down.

Later in the evening, Tobi was reflecting on all the stuff he has, and he has decided to give a number of things away. (Mom is saying "Praise God!") We'll work on that after school this week.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Happy birthday, Tobi! We got the rain that you didn't get, off and on, all day. So many thick clouds this summer in Cook.

I bought two sets of those gift bags 2 years ago from Sandi. Love 'em. I'm copying the idea for wrapping a really large wedding gift this week.

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday, Tobi! It's great to see the pictures of your fun day and we enjoyed talking to you this afternoon. We love you...Grandma and Grandpa

Sandi said...

Even though Tobi was born on the 16th, we became grandparents on the 15th, as you explained in the first paragraph. We'll help Tobi celebrate two days' worth if he's here in August! Again...Love, Grandma

The Longobardi Family said...

Happy birthday, Tobi, from Iowa Falls. We were amazed at how much you had grown since your last visit! God's blessings upon you always. Love, The Longobardi Family

Josh said...

Happy birthday, Tobi! It looks like you had a great day.

Our "wet season" has begun as well. The other night we got four inches of rain in about an hour. Thankfully, our basement stayed mostly dry. We have one spot that always gets wet with a heavy downpour. Over the last week we have gone from being 7 inches DOWN in our rainfall for the year to bein just 1 inch behind!