Friday, April 24, 2009

Banquet Night

Tonight the Hillcrest junior class honored the senior class with a banquet. This afternoon I took a sneak peak at the beautifully decorated banquet hall. Every year I am so thrilled when I see how the ordinary chapel is transformed into a stunning banquet hall. Perhaps the thrill is so deep because I remember the hard-fought battle with the Class of 2003 to bring the banquet onto campus. Jos had a major crisis in Sept. 2001, and the tight curfew extended even beyond April 2002. The Hillcrest staff used to joke with the juniors that they'd be having a jr/sr brunch instead of a banquet! In the end, the juniors resigned themselves to holding their banquet on-campus. I believe even they were shocked with how beautifully they transformed the chapel.

I remember taking a cohort of influential sophomore girls to the decorated chapel. I wanted to firmly plant in their minds the possibility of them hosting their own banquet right on campus as well. Well, they originally scoffed at the idea, believing it was only the Class of 2003 that was trapped by the curfew.

I'm quite sure the banquet has been held in the chapel every year since 2002. In fact, when I mentioned this story to some parents today, they had no idea that the banquet was ever held off campus. Now, everyone just takes it for granted that the banquet will be held in the chapel. And each year, we can’t wait to see how each class will make it a dazzling venue.

As far as I can remember, we have only had an extended citywide curfew during 2001-02 and now again in 2008-09. I find it interesting though that the Hillcrest chapel has become the undisputed banquet hall of choice for each junior class.

I love how crisis forces us to be creative.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

This reminds me of what happened at my daughter's prom in Cook. The school board wouldn't let them have the dinner and dance somewhere else, so one of the mothers, a great cook, catered the meal at the school, and there were great decorations.

Wallestads said...

That was our Junior Prom! It WAS wonderful--I didn't go with my future husband (that was SENIOR prom), but it was fun no less!

Thanks for bringing back a fun memory, L!

Josh said...

It is so true that it is hard to get kids to do something different from the "old way." But once the change is made, the younger kids see that as normal and the "way it is." I have found that seniors are the most challenging to work with anytime I've gone to a new school, and that teaching becomes fun when your junior high kids from your first year become seniors. They have grown up under you and tend to respect and admire you more.

misst92003 said...

Mrs. O! I definitely remember that banquet well as I can remember what a hard time you and our class sponsors had persuading us that being the first class to host banquet in the chapel wouldn't be the worlds greatest disaster! It is indeed funny to think that now that is a tradition! Thanks for bringing back some great memories through this and all your other posts!