Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mind over Matter

Since Fatima has been staying in Bezer Home, I have been wondering if she has the will to live. Her caregivers told me she used to cry out: "Leave me alone! Let me die!"

Last week when I was visiting with her, she told me a visitor came to see her in Bezer Home, and basically mocked her: "Why are you wasting your time here, eating their food, sleeping in their bed? You know I'm just going to come with a bus (van) one day and carry your corpse out of here."

Well, that was enough to put some fire in her. She told me she was determined to get strong and be a living testimony to this person.

But I haven't yet seen her really discipline herself to take even baby steps toward regaining her strength. The only positive signs I have seen are a good appetite and a willingness to talk to others. I have not seen her make an effort to sit up or take a bath. She eats in a reclining position on her bed. I really spoke to her strongly today. As I was talking, she mustered great effort to get herself into a sitting position. I was so happy to see her that way, but does someone always have to cajole her into making an effort?

Right now one of her legs is bent at a 90 degree angle, and she can't straighten it. Most of her external wounds have healed, but her legs have continued to atrophy due to lack of use.

I think I need some advice from a physical therapist. I know they often have to 'force' patients to do their exercises if they really want to get better. I'm just having a hard time knowing how to best help Fatima to help herself. We are ready and willing to help her; it would just be nice to see a little more effort on her part.

Anyway, I told her I'll be taking her for a walk tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.


The Bickels said...

Well done Mary Beth. We look forward to hearing how the walk went with Fatima. Our love and concern shown to someone isn't always reciprocated but we are called to be faithful in showing Christs love to all.

Jannine Ebenso said...

If you nede any advice Mary Beth let me know. I am a PT.


Josh said...

Maybe it will motivate her if you ell her that people are following her story online and are rooting for her.