Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today when I went to greet Fatima in her room, she could not even focus on my face because her pain was so great. The blisters on her leg have completely dried up. She has about three boils that refuse to open up or to be absorbed back into her body. But mainly it's her stomach that causes her the most pain. It was tough to see her like that.

HIV manifests itself in so many different ways. Because the body's immunity is so depleted, any type of sickness can invade. The weakened body has a very difficult time fighting the sickness.

Fatima recently started her ARV (anti-retroviral) regimen. These drugs will actually suppress the HIV virus in her body. Almost everyone I know who starts these drugs goes through a tough two-month period while the body adjusts. I just pray that Fatima has the strength to get through this trying time. Please pray for her.

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